Ink stained Goddess

I’m not above raiding someone’s Instagram account for inspiration, and today I found myself travelling through the delightful and delicious work of ink Goddess Teniele Sadd. I could simply get lost for hours wandering through photos of her latest tattoos, not to mention she has a super cute kitty kat!  

Teniele is one of my all-time favourite tattoo artists. She simply does amazing things with needles and ink, turning ordinary, humble human skin into something you could quite happily peel off, frame and hang in a gallery – and though some people might think this is a bit weird, once you see her work you will totally get what I am saying! However if this is a step to far for you, and let’s face it for most people I’m betting you don’t want to go that far to get amazing art on your walls, then you’ll be heartened to know that not only is Teniele a brilliant tattooist, but she is also an accomplished artist in her own right and her paintings and illustrations are just as luscious as her tattoos.

Teniele holds fort at Korpus Tattoo in Brunswick (Melbourne, Australia), and also has prints of her paintings available through her online store.

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Infinitely pleasurable

I was honoured to first meet the amazing artist TwoOne all the way back in 2008, when he was just about to exhibit his famous 1000 Cans. He had spent numerous years individually painting these 1000 spray paint cans and I was impressed not only by his patience and dedication, but also by the detail put into each piece – he is also a super nice guy! I ended up with two amazing pieces from the show, which take pride of place in my personal collection of painted and illustrated goodness.

Over the years I have watched his beautiful, gentle, fluid style evolve into something that is fantastically unique. The early earthen tones of his earlier pieces have tempered, giving way to softer shades, and as he has aged and changed as a person so has his work been distilled and transformed into something as intense as it is spiritual.

For me personally, viewing the art of TwoOne is akin to the experience you get from sipping a fine single malt whisky on a chilly evening by the fire. Something infinitely pleasurable, that you will want to do often, and in subtle ways it changes you forever. I hope you like it too!

Down the rabbit hole

If Alice had fallen down the rabbit hole into a wonderland filled with bunnies, crows, owls and Victrolas then she just may have found fantastic the water coloured world of Leontine Greenberg. Originally it was her beautiful ‘Hello Mr Skeksis’ painting of the Chamberlain meeting some feathery friends that caught my eye. I am a huge fan of the Dark Crystal and I am sure my sisters and I drove my Mum mad for weeks after we first saw the movie by wandering around the house hunched over and pretending to be the Chamberlain. Delving deeper into her online world however, you will all to soon discover that Leontine’s work is delicate, thoughtful and just a little bit gorgeous.

The best place to see her latest work is on her flickr stream 

Anything but ordinary

Giving new life to scrap metal, Pierre Matter mixes copper, stainless steel, brass and bronze to create gorgeous sculptures that would almost be at home cruising through the galaxy as wonderful steampunk spacecraft. I mean can you imagine cruising through the galaxy in one of these babies? I find these works super inspiring and I think you’ll find some Pierre Matter inspired metal sculpture goodness seeping into the Arthur Kill stories.  

Growing up, Pierre originally wanted to be an astrophysicist, but he obviously feel through a wormhole and landed topside in a world where he was destined to be an artist, spending his days welding, melding, and generally creating beautiful sculpture. Inspired by some of my own favourites, a Jules Verne and Metropolis, his metal work is delicate, beautiful, intricate and fascinating.

Prepare to get atomised!

I’m currently working on a new book about a space mercenary named Arthur Kill to satiate my love of steampunk, space and ray guns. Ever since I first saw Star Wars as a little kid I have wanted a blaster of my very own – a real one of course – not just a toy! I mean hey, who wouldn’t want to atomise their homework? It’s better than saying the dog/cat/turtle ate it.

Years ago the Weta workshop, based in New Zealand and responsible for the Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and more recently Mad Max Fury Road, created a wonderful fictional world around Dr Grorbort, an intrepid, old-school and somewhat violent interstellar traveller, who also happens to create wonderful ray guns of all sorts. You can purchase these wonders for yourself in their online shop. They are darn amazing!

Where the wild ones are

Yesterday I saw Mad Max Fury Road at the cinema and can I get a hell yeah for this film! I am a huge fan of action movies, fast cars, mindless violence, apocalypses, girls kicking arse and heavily modified cars. Oh and stunts – I mean real stunts, not the CGI variety. Now I’m not going to offer any spoilers here, River Song would kill me, but this damn movie has all these things I love! It’s poetry in motion, violent grimy poetry. And yes, it also upset the memenists (that’s my new name for the over the top men’s rights groups who were ‘deeply offended’ by this movie), which to be honest only makes the movie more awesome, because you know when you have pissed off that bunch of lavatory bowls (which includes that Class-A wanker who promotes ‘tricking’ women into sleeping with you by physically menacing them, I mean for fard’s sake what a douche bag!) that you’re doing something right! Let’s hope that this means we’ll be seeing more kick-arse female leads, like Imperator Furiosa, hitting our screens soon.

Anyway somehow I have gone completely off topic about what I was going to show you today, which is some of the amazing cars that feature in Mad Max Fury Road. I mean check out these sweet rides! Gnarled up hot-rods, packed with all sorts of menacing hardware and supercharged goodness. I want them all! There is even, dare I say it, a nod to The Cars That Ate Paris (a vintage Australian cinematic gem) with a super spikey style. Go see this bastard on the big screen before it’s all over!