Holy teeny tiny model dinosaur Batman! Now this is just one of the coolest things I have ever seen! When I was a kid I was osessed with dinosaurs, with Stegasauraus and Brontosaurus being my favourites. I also used to love to assembling those wooden dinosaur models, and I did end up with quite a few. You know the ones, their laser cut and all the pieces slot together? Anyway, I was thinking about these models today after reading a cool article about how Dark Matter may have been what killed the dinosaurs, which led to my discovery of this company called Everything Tiny who create teeny weeny laser cut paper models of dinosaurs, which you can put together yourself.

They come inside a matchbook and you pop out the pieces and put them together. It's not just dinosaurs though, and you can build a tiny human skeleton. Then if you're feeling adventurous, you can also order different skeleton heads for it! 

When completed they are only an inch tall - now that is crazy small. You can buy the models separately, or in a kit that comes with a glass dome to display your cool new model in. 


Clockwork moths and broken ghost hearts

Happy Friday! This week has just been a whole mess of crazy and I’m only now getting some time to sit down and look at some of the amazing things on offer in the land of the interwebs, like the wonderful work of Anthony Clarkson. Looking at Anthony’s work is like eating a slice of cake with the ferryman, while he debits your account of  past misjudgements.

Based in Los Angeles, Anthony has been combining his love of art and music for over 10 years. After deciding that he wanted to earn a crust as a graphic artist in the music industry, he snagged a coveted role as the head graphic designer for a prominent L.A record label. Since 2005 he has been an active accomplice on the gallery circuit, showing off his paintwork to the delight of eyeballs everywhere.

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Proceed with caution

I have loved Martin Wittfooth’s work for several years now and always come back to it when I am looking to kick the old brain box into some writing action. In a metaphorical sense, Martin’s work depicts the inevitable outcome of human encroachment into every nook and cranny on this planet and our violent invasion of the environment, which in turn has created fragile habitats at risk of extinction. His work is both beautiful and confronting, and inspires a disquiet that comes from knowing that even though his concepts are illusory, they are still suffused in possibility, and we are all in one way or another contributing to this disturbing aftermath.

At their core Martin’s stunning oil paintings tell the story of a planet overrun by ape-descended carbon-based life forms that spend their days monopolising every resource and space available on this planet, though we never actually see them. Rather we see the suffering they have caused.

While Martin’s work is provocative and sometimes unsettling, it also does leave you with a faint hope that if we heed the warning signs now, instead of continuing on with our ‘get rich quick’ schemes and various insults to the environment, then there is still hope and time to change.

You can see more of Martin’s work in the upcoming April issue of Hi Fructose magazine or you can purchase his wonderful book, Babel, from his website.

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I am the Sea

I don’t know how I became obsessed with the Sea, or pirates, or sailors, or ships to be honest with you. I don’t even really like to swim at the beach, but the sound of the waves crashing against a sandy shore or a weather-beaten pier is magical. The idea of escaping to the Sea and just sailing away on a tall-ship haunts my dreams. This is what drew me to the art of Derek Nobbs. I adore his work, it is everything I love about the ocean and scary tales of curses and adventures all rolled into one. In fact if you sail yourself on over here you’ll find my latest short story, The Idol's Curse, which was inspired by one of Derek’s most recent paintings.

Derek mainly paints on a lovely heavyweight hot-press paper, which gives it the appearance of parchment. He then ages the look of the paper with various liquids from coffee and tea to whiskey and tears. His paintings capture the essence of the salty sea dog or the ship-proud admiral, not to mention all the strange and wonderful creatures of the deep. Hoist a sail and visit his Facebook page to see more of his amazing work.


Lost and found

I love books, the smell of the paper, the fold of the cover, the preservation of the spine, the dog ears – these are all things you just don’t get from eBooks – and so book shops are my equivalent of going to church. I worship at the printed shrine, and I tend to binge buy. It was on one such recent binge-worthy trip that I picked up a copy of Shada, a lost Doctor Who adventure, written by Douglas Adams in script form and then with the help of Gareth Roberts turned into a novel.

Now I must admit, I was a little anxious before I even turned the first page that anyone would dare cross pens with Douglas Adams, but Gareth Roberts has done an outstanding job and it reads just as though Mr Adams had written it himself. There was also the bonus of being able to read it in the voice of the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker.  I truly wasn't able to put this book down, and every day as I was reading it, I pushed the limits of my speed reading (or lack thereof) to squeeze in a few extra pages on the train without missing my stop. Highly recommend to fans of Douglas Adams or Doctor Who.

I give it 5 Whoots!

You like me because I'm a scoundrel

Today I read the terrible news about Harrison Ford crashing his plane - I immediately went into deep denial, and wouldn't let anyone in the office say he was in trouble - but apparently he’s OK!  Phew! Of course my immediate reaction was to go looking for pictures of Harrison Ford online as really he is one actor who has been such a huge part of my life. Crazy isn't it? Yes, I know that I don’t know him personally, and it shouldn’t matter because he is just one person in a sea of humanity, but damn it I was worried about the man!

From his epic characterisation of Han Solo in Star Wars to the adorable Jack Trainer in Working Girl, from Blade Runner to Indiana Jones, and more recently his return to the new, and now thankfully Lucas-free, Star Wars films  - Harrison Ford is one childhood crush I just never grew out of. Just look at the smile! He’s a damn handsome scoundrel, a 72 year-old scoundrel yes, but still a scoundrel.